Sleeping Aid

Approved by the FDA, Ramitax® is used to treat insomnia associated with difficulty in falling asleep. Ramitax® stimulates certain substances in the brain, regulating the patients' sleep/wake cycle. In such a way Ramitax® promotes falling asleep and dramatically improves sleep. More info

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Meloset® is an FDA-approved medication used for the treatment of persistent sleep disorders and for regulation of disturbed biorhythms. Meloset® also postpones aging, enhances immune function and other health conditions. Meloset® promotes sleep by setting a natural biological clock of the body. More info

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WonderSleep is a non-prescription 100% natural medication for insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It contains a mixture of pure herbal extracts that alleviate symptoms of depression, fear and anxiety. WonderSleep relaxes and prevents from mood swings without making the patient drowsy. WonderSleep is manufactured by Vipro Life Science. More info

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